Women Empower & Girl Power!

Katch Kares was created by CEO and Founder Lauren Allah. In 2014, While living in Atlanta, Lauren participated in an event called hashtaglunchbagatl. While delivering food, she ran across a woman that said to her "Thank you so much for the food, but do you all have any sanitary napkins?" At the time Lauren did not have any to help her. For a very long time, this stayed on her mind. Sanitary napkins are the number one most needed item in homeless shelters for women and it is also the number one most neglected item that is donated. As a result, The Beneficial Beauty Bag Project was created. Decorative, reusable bags will be filled with items that are most needed by women, and will be given to women who are currently living in homeless shelters in Detroit, Michigan. The bags will be filled  sanitary napkins, tampons, lotion, hair brushes, hats, soap, sanitary wipes, toilet paper, tooth brushes, toothpaste, vaseline, deodorant, pedicure tools, body sponges and shower caps.